In 2005, his current address was established in Ivedik organized industrial zone with road maintenance and snow removal tools and experienced staff who specializes in Vacuum road sweeper, snow blade, a layer of salt, Manufacture, repair and maintenance, overhaul and manufacturing of spare parts in doing the serves.

Our company has created a separate unit as the After Sales Service part by further expanding its current position in fiscal year 2006 and is controlling and monitoring the service services from this section.

Our company is producing ISO 9001-2000 machines in fiscal year 2006 in accordance with European Union quality standards and has CE certificate related to these productions. In addition to these documents, he applied for an after-sales service qualification certificate.

Our company provides service throughout Turkey and provides service guarantee within 24 hours. In addition, the vehicles brought to repair, maintenance, service and Assembly in our company workshop are insured against all kinds of incidents such as theft, fire, flood etc.and are completely safe.

Our company provides all kinds of repair, maintenance, repair and service services of your vehicle in the place where your vehicle is equipped with 2 service vehicles with 1 Year Guaranteed Service services.